2023, Site specific installation at Maison Poincaré, Musée des Mathématiques , Paris, France.

Facing the courtyard, spreading across the windows, Alpha absorbs its surroundings and captures our retinas. The boundary between interior and exterior is temporary; it seems elusive. The dazzled eye tries to focus as dark bluish purple and its chromatic twin, orange, reflect one another. The nanometers of these two wavelengths, the colours of light, create an experience of mobility and energy by creating new densities. Playing on the limits of depth of field, translucent and strongly chromatic, the effect of these two complementary hues sharing the window is to immerse us in luminous colour. The bluish purple seems to be immobile, yet in motion: matter shimmers under its influence. The air we breathe no longer seems the same.Alpha is the first ray, the first radiation made by positive particles. Faced with this radiance, brilliance and translucency, the eye marvels at the sight. Alpha and the window bring intense coloured light into the interior space of the Maison Poincaré. The luminous emissions seem to freeze the space, giving visitors a unique immersive experience of shimmering light. This sculptural installation disrupts our perception like a mirage, challenging the way we relate to our surroundings.

2,50 x 3,50 m Medium : Gelatins filters

Institut Henri Poincaré

Sorbonne Université


Galerie Wagner

Address : Museum-Maison Poincaré

11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France