Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University, Orange, Los Angeles, California, USA
Part of the exhibition Over Here (There)
2002, light installation

On entering the gallery the visitor is bathed in monochromatic red: a red translucent tent containing a chandelier hangs from the ceiling; this object is luminous and thows red light onto the visitors standing under the installation. After three minutes, green ambient light is projected into the gallery entrance area. After three more minutes, a red light impregnates the space, followed by further endless sequences of green and red light.

Light influences our behaviour. Intense green light of a certain wavelength can suppress the secretion of melatonin, a chemical substance contained in our bodies that makes it easier to sleep when the body produces it. Red light increases our heart rate.

The spatial revelation of a sleepless space denies the outer limits of the gallery. The transparent mirrors at the gallery entrance allow light to spill outside, creating a sense that the exhibition space is intangible.

Nylon, lamps, lighting console

Catalogue: Over Here (There) Critique d’art MA Greenstein. Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University. Los Angeles. 2002