15 Square de Vergennes, Paris, France

2003, Installation
Part of the exhibition Lumière Subjective

This hypnotic tank is designed as a place for the luminous, visual, aural and physiological immersion of the body, where electrical energy both serves as a support for our unconscious mind and modifies it. A translucent capsule surrounds the resting body like a luminous bubble. The light appears like a landscape of light pulses and intense, dense, fleeting, disparate bursts of sound that transform our visual perception; its mobility and chromatic qualities catch the eye and help to immobilise the body. The bright light has a hypnotic effect; its purple colour and the bursts from the randomly triggered flashlamps act hypnotically upon our psyche. The projection of coloured light onto the body creates a shimmering message for the body. “Life is based on the principles of resonance of electromagnetic waves”, states the Russian physicist Lavovsky. Our cells emit magnetic fields; they are oscillators that receive and emit information.

The conscious mind disappears. This installation also involves staging the body (that of the visitor) and the visible environment: the body rests while the unconscious mind works for the conscious mind—an invisible action.

Flashlamps, gauze, Plexiglass

Photographie Lawrence Perquis