Commissioned by the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles, France

2007, Permanent artwork

The desire emerged to formulate a new system to develop the field of perception and investigate its function and quality via a light project leading to a new experiment offered to the public. I propose “Invisibility” as a new phenomenology of light.

“Invisibility” is based on the creation of an installation using daylight and artificial light where the latter is made invisible, dematerialised.

Daylight crosses a blue surface made of Blanc de Meudon mixed with blue pigment spread over the entire surface of the large window and lights the building’s interior. Just behind the window, covered in orange gel, fluorescent tubes are placed at the top and bottom between the wall and the window. But this orange light is absorbed by the blue paint: it thus becomes invisible. Only natural light passes through the blue-coloured window.

Blanc de Meudon, blue pigment, fluorescent tubes and gel filters.