Commissioned by the Palazzo delle Esposizioni museum, Rome, ITALY

2007, Permanent artwork

A luminous corridor like a penetrable wall of light is seen to be caught up in an endlessly rotating luminous movement. Intense lights mark out a revolving ring in the interior of the passageway. The lights move forward inside, the intensity of the light increasing as they go. The light spreads across the walls, then goes out, and other lights come on in the same forward motion, revealing new active combinations. Visitors to the centre of the corridor between the walls of light move around surrounded by this luminous, chromatic, changing movement that is produced each time they move.

These strips of light, like waves, offer regular and infinite sequences and an experimentation involving light experienced as a performance: an experiment with the physical and perceptive presence of the viewer.

Leds, control system and DMX programme, metal and Barisol structure