Film of the work by WE ARE CONTENT(S)
2017, Permanent light artwork, Austerlitz building, Avenue Pierre Mendès France, Paris
Ateliers 2/3/4 Architect Jean Mas
Altarea Cogedim

The luminous work unfolds on the night façades of the building. Three three-dimensional, translucent spaces, the Media Box, offered by daytime perception, are transformed into moving spaces. The unfolding of the light flows from one Media Box to the next and travels invisibly under the skin of the building in a circular motion. Light is a flow, it slides, it is continuous and transports our perception between stability, instability and temporality.

The work is in constant and slow movement, the projections of light move incessantly, they are linear and fuzzy, they add up, they are intercalated, they follow one another and are determined by their frame. They unfold their luminous and chromatic volume, move, offer variable perspectives and a form of contemplation to the slow rhythm of our perception.

My luminous works, with the chosen wavelengths, generate space energies in very close connection with the place they invest. Fluidity, continuity, plasticity, luminosity, relations between conscious and unconscious transform the place. A place in expansion, mental, geometric.

Light projectors LED & RGBWY, programming