Video ‘Un reflet d’incendie’ ( Reflection of Fire) 2024


Maison Triolet-Aragon, France

20-01-2024/ 21-04-2024

Like rivers of light, site-specific artworks inundate the spaces of the house. In the fundamental and complementary opposition of fire and water lies the starting point: the cascading water at the heart of Elsa Triolet and Louis Aragon’s house.

From ember to flow, from reflection to spark, the artworks are akin to sculptural installations enveloping the spaces like a ‘blue sun’ (Aragon).

The areas of the house such as the kitchen, the corridor leading to the bedrooms and the exhibition room are reinvented using site-specific installations that create new densities of light, each offering a particular kind of immersion. These installations are all evocative of water and fire, or water itself.

The coloured reflections created by the artworks in the second exhibition room—light sculptures and sculptures made of glass and other media—act upon the objects and spaces, creating new, changing organic sensations.