The Substation, Centre for Contemporary Art, SINGAPORE

2001, in situ installation

Two large blocks erase the outer limits of the gallery. In its darkened space, only the light illuminating the geometric blocks from within is diffused through the gallery.
The two rectangles are made of a visual substance consisting of translucent Perspex that allows the light to be reflected into the gallery space, transforming it in the process. One is white and represents the moon; the other is yellow, symbolising the sun.
“As they illuminate, the geometric blocks are in the limelight”
Eastern philosophy states that space and time is mainly a relative, limited, illusory mental construct. Here I have set out to play with this construct by deconstructing the space of the gallery/the universe and the predestined notions of the sun and moon. Between the two constellations is the Earth.
Visitors walk through and experience the space for a length of time they determine themselves, first of all attracted by the freedom to walk outside the illuminated space, and then able to submit themselves to one or both constellations.

Perspex, fluorescent tubes