2007, Light installation
Mairie du 4ème arrondissement, Paris France

Light seems to move across the façade of the building. Pale purple electric lights, and another yellow-green light, appear and disappear.

The façade of the Mairie [town hall] of the 4th arrondissement is seen swathed in a revolving movement of light. Projections of intense light in complementary colours create screens on the façade of the building.
The central section is purple; the windows on either side of the façade appear yellow-green, and the lights seem to constantly switch back and forth, turning on and off in pre-programmed rhythm. The purple light becomes yellow-green and vice-versa. These emissions of light seem to freeze the building into irregular, endless sequences. Like a mirage, the concourse in front of the building becomes the setting for an experimentation with light.

Every night, the artificial light is defined on a graduated temporal scale that reflects the passage of time. The light rhythms accelerate until 31 December. The entire movement of the lights defies time. Time is compressed.
On 1 January the rhythm gradually begins to slow down, night after night.

The place is intersected by intermittent colours, creating a variety of geometric shapes. This symmetrical alternation of lights creates a sense of fascination and disorientation and a feeling of dizziness. Visual dizziness is caused by two lights in intense complementary colours: purple and yellow-green.
This mental projection of an illusion of motion is an experience created by the physical and perceptive presence of the viewer.

Dichroic track lights, computer programme, colour gel filters, diffuser film