“1 % artistique” City of Paris

Elementary school, Paris, France


From morning to evening, the color of the translucent wall changes discreetly under the influence of light illuminating the partition of the glass and that of the natural light, changing by the influence of the meteorology and the seasons. The children plunged in a bath of colour of a visual and sensory experiences, affecting the eye, the vision, while guessing the silhouettes of the people working in the laundry.

The ”spectator’s” glance is invited to pass through the translucent device. The glance is directed through the coloured partition to guess the scene of the work. The appearance of this moving translucidity and shades makes it possible to meditate on a real and virtual reality. The children discover the work of the people in the laundry in the form of a “shadow theater” daily. The scene of work, which is located behind “the screen of colour”, causes a fluctuating aspect of the transparent walls separating the corridor between passage and the laundry.

Coloured translucent glass, fluorescent tubes and halogenous lamps, programmer and clock, metallery, enamelled sheet