Maison Poincaré – Musée des Mathématiques, Paris, France.

2023, Site-specific sculptural installation

The floor and centre of this space are wrapped in the apparent luminous movement of the sculpture. Organic forms with intense saturated colours reveal liquidly shining lights. The two colours, or rather the two wavelengths, are pure and brilliant, they capture and reshape the surroundings, turning them green and purple.  These colours are like a spatial slap that still excites our retinas, and the surrounding seems to have been absorbed. As if hanging from the mezzanine, the sculpture floats in mid-air, giving the impression of being drawn towards the void. The emissions of light seem to ‘freeze’ the interior. Like a mirage, the visit is a new way of experiencing light. Its refraction in the artwork seems to double up the space, creating an interplay of coloured shadows.  The sculpture, with its organic forms, alternates the two wavelengths. Particules brillantes et flottantes fascinates and disorientates the viewer, providing us with a new experience of our physical and perceptive presence in a kind of re-enchantment.

2,50 m x 10 m, Gelatin filters

Institut Henri Poincaré

Sorbonne Université


Galerie Wagner


Address : Museum – Maison Poincaré

11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France