Gallery Evason, SINGAPORE 2001

Translucent monochrome screens erase the horizon, placed on a diagonal line running along the outside edges of the gallery made of transparent film, like a relief map of flat planes assembled from transparent plates, of different colours according to the way they face, and interlocking in a continuous line. Each of the façades is covered with a coloured filter representing one of the primary colours: yellow, red and blue. The space itself looks after the chromatic combinations: orange, violet, and green. During the day, coloured shadows are cast by the sunlight inside the space, mixing together and moving around. At night, they are projected into the outside space around the museum. The diagonal that runs along the façades creates an opening onto the architecture of the building, whilst at the same time concealing or transforming part of it. It interrupts the habitual view we have of the exhibition venue. The diagonal, a strong, dynamic line, cuts the vertical space in two. (The image of architecture as something to be used.) This installation is visible from the street, in other words from outside the gallery or, in this case, the museum, and is also visible from inside, providing a new way of apprehending the interior and the exterior. The viewer plunges into a pool of colour for a visual and sensorial experience, the experience of vision. The coloured filters take apart and recompose the light, playing with shadows and the light of the architectural venue. This way of working on the notion of outer limits makes it possible to meditate upon the urban landscape.

Translucent adhesive film, spotlights