Museo Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome ITALY

2007, Installation

On each side of the ‘White Cube’ are arranged three horizontal lines of light. Each wall of the space is like a painting made of light. The three lines of light fixed at variable heights offer colour variations that fade, juxtapose, combine and glow. In the centre, visitors are immersed in light. They find themselves in the same active relationship Rothko sought between the artwork and the viewer, intended as a total experience. For Rothko, the viewer feels as if he or she is inside the work; drawn in by colour, he or she loses all sense of exterior limits. The artwork turns into a refuge. In this installation that is a Tribute to Rothko, light seems to have pierced the walls of the White Cube; the light is then diffused, making the visitor feel as if he or she is floating, enveloping the body and making it seem weightless.

Wooden panels, fluorescent tubes, gel filters