Stiftung BAUHAUS, Dessau, GERMANY

7 Farbfest

2004, light installation

The central section of the façade of the Bauhaus is seen to be enveloped in endlessly revolving light. Projections of intense light in complementary colours form a ring revolving through the windows. Half of the ‘ring’ is orange, the other half that succeeds it is indigo; the lights move through the interior of the building and constantly switch back and forth in regular rhythm. The orange light becomes indigo and vice versa. Everything seems to revolve. Inside the Bauhaus, the introduction of the physical body of the viewer finds itself caught up in the immersive light; the moving light passes over the bodies and envelops them. Visitors experience a feeling of visual dizziness due to the opposite movements of strongly contrasting luminous colours.

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
With support from the French Embassy in Berlin
The Saxe-Anhalt Cultural Office
The Plastic Arts Bureau, Berlin

Supporting structure: metal bridge; 1000W light projectors, gel filters, lighting console, programming system. Diffuser films on the glass façade.