2017, Permanent light installation on the Austerlitz Building Paris, FRANCE

‘The entire universe flows like a river’ Diogenes

The work is suspended: it unfolds like a luminous substance across the façades of the building at night. Three 3-dimensional translucent ‘Media-Boxes’, visible by day, turn into moving spaces. Light Unfolding circulates from one Media-Box to the next and invisibly travels under the skin of the building in a circular movement, reappearing inside the transparent boxes. Light is a flow: it slides along, it is continuous, and it shifts our perception between stability, instability and temporality.

The work is in constant slow motion. The light projections constantly move, they are linear and blurred, they accumulate, they interlock, they follow on from one another, and they are determined by their environment. They unfold their luminous chromatic forms; as they move, they offer variable perspectives and a kind of contemplation, at the slow pace of our perception. Light Unfolding generates intense luminous emissions that seem to absorb the wall. The fluidity of the light makes the building appear transparent. As if elastic, the light adopts new chromatic values, splitting and creating luminous flows and shades. Creating a hypnotic phenomenon, a “landscape” of blurred light is revealed by coloured bands of equal value; they fade and reappear according to irregular rhythms. Shaded chromatic variations and pure complementary colours create a feeling of lightness and weightlessness. My light installations, with their carefully selected wavelengths, generate spatial energies that are closely connected to the places they occupy.

Fluidity, continuity, plasticity, luminosity, and relationships between the conscious and the unconscious transform the place, making it expand into a mental, geometrical space.

LED spotlights, programme

Nathalie Junod Ponsard

Building : Ateliers 2/3/4 Architect Jean Mas
Altarea Cogedim