2010-2020 Public art commission, Ministry of Culture and Communication & CNAP, Paris. Fountain place André Malraux, Paris France

Time relaxes: twilight– darkness–dawn. At night, the light installation takes possession of the fountain crossing the twilight and the dawn. In the central basin, the lights revolve relatively fast.

André Malraux wrote: to enter slowly into space and time combined*. The rhythm becomes slower, the “dawn” is seen as a time of waiting. The pool set into the ground catches a waterfall that is transformed into a fluid, slow ring of light. The lights revolve at the same pace as passers-by and casual visitors.

The colours used are complementary, and the movement of the lights is characterised by chromatic duality. It expresses itself via this duality, which seems to be running its course and tells the time. The twilight turns red, and its blue-green complementary colour is then added, because as André Malraux tells us: “The summer twilight has turned from red to green …”* The blue-green colour takes up its position on the other side of the “ring” that appears. The two superimposed bi-chromatic circles revolve.

From the central pool to the fountain to the in-ground pool, the light slows down its rhythm. In the air, it is constant, but what happens when it enters the water? The movement of this energy slows down in an environment that contains matter, all the more so because that matter is more dense. The light interacts with the fluid, liquid matter.

The light system invokes motion, rotation, endlessness, continuity and infinitude, and seeks to make them visible. The waves of light pass by, appearing and moving through the darkness, drawing passers-by into a circular motion as they walk.

in Antimémoires

Submersible LED projectors, contol system, programming

Realisation : Audionysos