City of Vitry-sur-Seine France
Prize-winner of the competition 1 %

Place : Residence Jardins de lumière

Permanent light installation, visible in the public area, 21 bd de Stalingrad, Vitry-sur-Seine France

Commissioned by Vitry town council/ Les Nouveaux Constructeurs

The work unfolds in the space and generates its own temporality. The porch space occupied by the light installation becomes a place of transition between urban and private space; it creates a new spatial dimension. Light unfolds the place; it generates space and shifts our perception of it.

Overflowing outside its frame, it is projected all around. Its pattern is evocative of a silent musical composition where light is perceived as varied, changing sensations, in pure, saturated colours that influence our perception. It becomes a luminous halo that resonates within the city.

LED light tubes, computer programme, DMX controller, custom electronics