Barcelone, SPAIN

Luminous artwork specially created for the bow window.

Part of the Hermès contemporary art collection since 2022

Sensitive organic sensations

Songe Solaire is a luminous artwork that immerses the bow window in slowly moving, shimmering, fluid, blurry colour. It modifies our perception, transforming the bow window into a moving sculpture. The coloured light illuminates the interior space jutting out into the street, creating its own volume independently of any surface or support, creating a feeling of immateriality.

Projections of light like moving abstract curtains move slowly to and from along the windows. At one point the two colours almost imperceptibly evolve, gradually turning into pure colour.  The colours appear in pairs in luminous sfumato: Orange/indigo; orange-yellow/violet; scarlet/cyan. At certain times these combinations become either lighter or purer and more intense.

The bow window acts as a central pivot, like a lighthouse. The waves of colour gently turn before new ones swallow them up. The light emissions seem to suspend the surrounding public space. The specific changing atmosphere of the artwork creates an environment that is able to modify the development of our thoughts, raising questions about the way we relate to our surroundings.

The work is the result of my exploratory research into the influence of light on human biological systems, the boundaries of perception and the psychotropic effects of light, which are the origin of my art of light and space.


Led RGBA Linear lights, pre-recorded original programme, white opalescent film.

L 3m x D 2m x H 4m

Paseo de Gracia, 81