Moulin des Muses, Breuillet, France

Biennale La science de l’art, 2011
Direction de la Culture de l’ESSONNE

A light installation as a sedative

The disturbance of space. Waiting area consists of a second “skin” applied to the space. The surface of the walls, floors, the space and the air itself will be covered by a chromatic effect having a wavelength of 420 nanometres corresponding to deep indigo violet. In the presence of this blue, our brain secretes calming chemical substances.

This blue will be approached as the maximum colouring level for the building; it absorbs the light intensity of the building and almost cancels out the effect of its lighting. The lighting and the colour effect will thus compete with each other like energies boosting the spatial presence of the installation, while the visitor will be physiologically transformed, as if under a sedative.

Lamps, light projectors , gel filters

Biennale La science de l’art 2011 Catalogue. Texts written by Damien Schoevaert, Karine Lemaire. Direction de la Culture de l’ESSONNE 2012