2010, Exhibition
Galerie Delacroix,
86 rue de la Liberté, Tangier, Morocco.

The inaugural work for this gallery is an upward projection of space; the horizontal limit of the ceiling, in a glowing, brightly coloured circle, reduces the space to its limits. Light has its own depth. Metamorphosis is produced in movement when the all-encompassing blue light erases the outer limits of the space, and the outlines change. The blue light encompasses, but does not absorb, the harsh red.

The Galerie Delacroix building splits into two spaces, one delimited, the other limitless.

When energy is concentrated onto a bright red circle above our heads, it’s as if we were chained to the space. The light is almost incendiary, it represents the way Man’s actions affect Nature, their effects on the Earth’s atmosphere and so on. One light describes a concentric circle (in red), while another circulates, gravitating within the building and making it split into two. It is pale, it is blue, it is the atmosphere of the Earth, the air, the rivers, seas and oceans. It relieves the burning vision of the red but does not erase it from our retina. This light is projected into the buildings adjacent to the gallery.

The work is independent from the visitor, who has a sense of being smothered, then being able to breathe again.

Like opposite currents, coloured surfaces oppose each other. A sensation of heat and a sensation of lightness arrive in succession, transforming the building; the substance of light is primordial.

Light projectors, fluorescent tubes, gel filters, lighting console and programming system.
Dimensions: 7 m x 7 m x 5 m in height.