Luxelakes Art Center
Tianfu District, Chengdu CHINA

2015 Exhibition 1st May – 31 October Solo show

Curator Sun LI

‘The whole universe flows like a river’

Time is added to space. The artwork clings to angles and planes, tracing out a trajectory in motion, flowing out towards the museum entrance. It pushes the viewer to the limit. Light stretches time.

Space finds itself temporalized, and our perception of the locale becomes unstable.

The depth of the space seems to unfold in linear fashion. Inside it, there is no sense of remoteness: distance itself comes towards the viewer. In endless, luminous motion, space cannot escape the temporality that constantly modifies it.

Chromatic values accumulate, disrupting our perception of space.

The setting is transformed by fluidity, continuity, plasticity, luminosity, and relationships between the conscious and unconscious mind. It becomes a place of mental and geometric expansion. Visitors find themselves in a fluid space where light is also a flow: continuously slipping and sliding, it places the viewer somewhere between stability and emptiness.

Light projectors Led, programming