Galerie des Gobelins, Paris, France

2011, Permanent commission from the Mobilier National
Light installation on the façade
Curator: Françoise Ducros

Time unfolds space.
Trajectories of light appear one after another, each bringing its own chromatic value. The spatial delimitation of the chromatic zones is that of the centre of the side façade: the entrance to the building. Vertical strips of light link together, juxtapose, and unfold the space of the façade by creating two moving complementary chromatic areas. The two concomitant juxtaposed areas of light in the lower section make a third chromatic zone appear in the upper section. A perceptive variant presents the viewer with a mixture of green and its complementary colour, magenta; a pink-tinged area of white now appears, growing wider as it moves up the façade. Two unique perceptions of equal areas produce a sense of spatial continuity where light unfolds. Space is temporality. The installation reveals trajectories of light where pattern and moving lines blend into one. The vertical lines move and unfold, revealing their third level of perception.

LED light projectors, sequencer programme box, metal structure

Exhibition book, Dilecta Editor

Artists : Martine Aballéa, Jean-Michel Alberola, Michel Aubry, Pierrette Bloch, Louise Bourgeois, Champion Métadier, Claude Closky, Marc Couturier, Sylvie Fajfrowska, Monique Frydman, Julien Gardair,Gérard Garouste, Paul-Armand Gette, Sheila Hicks, Christian Jaccard, Shirley Jaffe, Nathalie Junod Ponsard, Bertrand Lavier, Claude Lévêque, François Morellet, Tania Mouraud, Bernard Piffaretti, Anne et Patrick Poirier, François Rouan, Claude Rutault, Frédéric Ruyant, Esther Shalev-Gerz, Corinne Sentou, Patrick Tosani, Didier Trenet, Jacques Vieille.