2019 Commissioned by Centre national des arts plastiques CNAP (French Ministry of Culture), France.

A spatial continuity of the site, this piece was presented between two complementary translucent chromatic surfaces. They attracted one another and then separated, as if unstable.

The light was fluid, it gradually intensified in one of the translucent chromatic glass walls. The light appeared gradually and intensely, then gently faded, giving way to the second wall whose light increased in intensity. Having reach maximum intensity, the light faded: a kind of void that gave birth in parallel to a different light in the other glass. Light and chromatic variations gave rise to complementary sensations of energy. The site was immersed in hypnotic light that changed over time.

Glass, UV ink print, LED light bar, programme and recording system

Dimensions: 2.60 x 1.50 m

Collection of the Centre national des arts plastiques, France