EVI LICHTUNGEN Hildesheim is an international light art biennial in Hildesheim (GERMANY)
Licht Kunst BIENNALE Hildesheim
2020 Circular Wandering, on Court House
Curators: Alice Hinrichs & Klaus Wilhelm


2019, site-specific light installation

This light installation gives the building a sense of weightlessness.

The expanse of the façade becomes inseparable from time itself: it becomes a journey. Malleable and floating, the pure, saturated colours spread out and juxtapose; the façade appears to dilate. As if on a frontal vertical journey, the light flows move, propagate, linger, disappear and reappear; they fluctuate, but are always present. They reach out to other re-created wavelengths, and where they intersect a lighter area marks the point at which white emerges on the surface of the concrete.

Absorbing the walls, light sets the building ablaze as it is projected onto the façade. The fluid light makes the building seem transparent. And as if it were elastic, this light adopts new chromatic values that spread out softly in bi-chromatic shadings. Producing a hypnotic phenomenon, a “landscape” of changing blurred light is revealed by coloured bands of equal value, which fade and reappear.

As if seeking harmony, the wavelengths of the light that make up the installation interact, enveloping the structure housing the city’s law courts. Socrates saw justice as both harmony and medicine: for him, justice was like a form of medicine that preserves the health of the body. Drawing a parallel between the social body and the biological body, he considered that justice is what preserves the health of society.

The projection of certain selected coloured lights creates a dialogue between the work, the building, the city, and passers-by. The specific, ever-changing atmosphere of the work creates an environment that is able to modify our thought processes and interrogates our own environment.

This is also a tribute to the masters of the Bauhaus and the artists Kandinsky and Klee, who sought to represent movement through the effective properties of colours.

Nathalie Junod Ponsard

RGB LED spotlights; specially designed pre-recorded programme