2023. West façade, Halle Maxwell, Place Olympique, Athletes’ Village, Saint-Denis

Commissioned by Vinci Immobilier : 1 Building, 1 Artwork, part of the artistic approach ‘Courants Fertiles’ by SOLIDEO. Artwork labelled ‘Paris 2024’ as part of the Cultural Olympia

Le moment magnétique is like a magnetic field and a form of protection for the Halle Maxwell, on the west façade, which is reminiscent of the front of a Greek temple in Olympia.

Alchemy of light

From the theory of electromagnetism (developed by the scientist James Maxwell) to that of geomagnetism, phenomena of attraction, whose forces are key to the universe, are expressed in this artwork made of moving, expanding light in pure, saturated colours.

Flexible geometry and magnetic fields

The artwork emerges as an undulating, fluid expanse that causes physiological sensations. Organic forms unfold in an interplay of invisible twists and turns that stimulate our multi-sensory perception.

Seeing colours differently

Vision, especially that of colours, varies from species to species. The combinations of colours chosen here are able to appeal to all kinds of eyes. The artwork changes from subtly selected luminous colours to non-trichromatic hues, while other lights create a shimmering message for certain organisms such as plants.

As we investigate how we relate to our environment, the influence of light becomes a subject of research and experimentation. This artwork creates an alchemy of light and explores sensory thresholds.

Artwork visible from dusk onwards.

Specially programmed linear RGBW LED spotlights

Dimensions: 21 x 13 m Realization : AUDIONYSOS

  • Photos Laurent Lecat