Musée de la chasse et de la nature

2018, site-specific light installation

This light installation gives the building a sense of weightlessness.

The area of the façade becomes inseparable from time itself: it becomes a journey. Malleable and floating, the pure, saturated colours spread out and juxtapose; the façade appears to dilate. As if on a frontal and vertical journey, the luminous flows move, propagate, linger, disappear and reappear; they fluctuate, but are always present. They reach out to other re-created wavelengths, and where they intersect a lighter area marks the point at which white emerges on the surface of the stone.

The outline of the façade seems to fluctuate.

Absorbing the wall, light sets the building ablaze as it is projected onto the façade. The fluid light makes the building seem transparent. And as if it were elastic, this light adopts new chromatic values that spread out softly. Producing a hypnotic phenomenon, a “landscape” of changing blurred light is revealed by coloured bands of equal value, which fade and reappear.

Field of presence (in reference to the philosophy of Merleau-Ponty)

Projecting certain coloured lights onto the plants creates a vibratory message for them as living organisms; the specific, ever-changing atmosphere of the work creates an environment that is able to modify the development of the ‘forest’ (in the courtyard), interrogating the living world.

RVB LED spotlights; specially designed pre-recorded programme

62, rue des Archives 75003 Paris France

Nathalie Junod Ponsard