Centre d’art Passerelle, Brest France

2003, in Ready made color Exhibition

A trajectory between the conscious and unconscious mind: Voyage hypnotique is designed as a place for the visual and physiological luminous immersion of the body where electrical energy both serves as a medium for the unconscious and modifies it. The place, like a luminous bubble, envelops the body caught between a translucent purple façade sending out its coloured luminous waves into the surrounding space and a giant curtain of light that appears in a landscape of light pulses or like luminous turbulence (intense, dense, instantaneous, sporadic) which transform our visual perception. Its mobility and chromatic qualities catch the eye and tend to make it stop moving. The bright light creates a hypnotic effect. The colour purple creates a hypnotic effect on the psyche. The projection of coloured light onto the body creates a shimmering message for the body. Life is based on the principles of resonance of electromagnetic waves, our cells emit magnetic fields. They are oscillators that receive and emit information.

Hypnosis is a modified state of conscience, a wakeful state (not sleep) during which the attention of the person is intensely focused on a particular subject. The experience in this trajectory, this journey, will be that of a mental and psychological isolation session. The conscious mind disappears. This installation also involves staging the body (that of the visitor) and the visible world: the body rests, while the unconscious works for the conscious mind – an invisible action.

Metal iodid lamps, flashlamps, coloured translucent film, mattress, paint and wood