Gallery Baudoin Lebon, Paris, FRANCE

2022, Solo show

Site specific installation

The work unfolds, flows. The light unrealises the lines and the space that bend to create a suspended sculpture. The connections are just like a vital and invisible strength. Two forty meter-long bands of pure and saturated colours compose Figura Serpentinata. In its intense and chromatic density, the luminous and transparent bands are interlaced as they hang. The red and blue-green colours create a peculiar physiological sensation thanks to liquid-like and complementary wavelengths.

Under the light sources, the shape moves, creating chromatic changes thanks to superposition and transparency. The chromatic bands answer one another and, while spreading, turn the whiteness of the location into an immersive chromatic fluid. The energy flows in the gallery. The serpentine lines create a fluctuation of the shape; they go up and down, convolute when they meet. This vibrating installation crystallizes new links between the body and the space and determines new landmarks that immediately disappear. It feels like the light dissolves us.

The aerial sculpture becomes the medium of appearances and disappearances; fundamental elements of our fluctuating perception of the world. The luminous immersion leads to a reflection on our environment and on the influence it has upon us.

« Nathalie Junod Ponsard deliberately shuns the surface appearances, immersing us in an energy-charged background where recognition is superseded by a kind of “luminous rebirth”. By giving away to non-visual perception, this “de-realization” of forms plunges the viewer into a paradoxical state where a familiar sense of wellbeing goes hand in hand with a strange feeling of having lost one’s habitual bearings… But instead, this magma of forms, plunged into incandescent colour, becomes pure energy that eye eagerly and unreservedly absorbs.  »

Damien Schoëvaërt-Brossault, Light Biochemist. 

Gel filters, spotlights.  Dimensions L40m x l 2,50 x H 3,60