Enameled glass sculptures
Gallery Baudoin Lebon

2022 Solo exhibition Act 2 In Figura serpentinata


These glass sculptures – in line with my research on light and wavelengths as a medium creating immersive locations with new densities – offer a closed and smooth ensemble with internal and external parts; light goes through a whole. On their surfaces, saturated colours are differentiated and either complete each other or juxtaposes in a translucent, transparent or luminous blur and some opacities develop into new substances.

Attracting a tension, coming from one side of these hemispheric-bottomed sculptures to the other, the oblong and shiny shape and the visible bi-chromatia, highlighting the two-part composition, evoke the galenic shape of a capsule.

The scale chosen to create the Substance series allows the eye to dive into the matter and colours of the sculptures and to dissolve into the chromatic radiances.

When the retina is delighted, Plato gives to the Greek word for colour “pharmakon” the meaning of “remedy”, granting it curative potency.  

Enameled glass 10 x 48 cm

Realised at CERFAV