MOCA contemporary art museum, Chengdu, CHINA

2014 Solo exhibition

Light makes the line unreal; space curves to create a circle. The curve becomes a new dimension of space. It contains within it three luminous circles like lines suspended within the building.

The exhibition space, with its static walls and partitions, opens up to the movement of light as the three circles of light pass through its partitions, leaving a hollowed-out, open circle.

The mobility of the shape produces chromatic changes in the circles as, walking around the space, we gradually discover the whole work; the colours in the four portions respond to each other.

These serpentine lines create a fluctuation of form: a sense of construction and deconstruction. The lines gently rise and fall, creating circles that are unstructured but continuous and luminous; they constitute the space of what we are to experience.

Further on, a dense light projects, in the form of rows of shadows, a portion of the circles onto the walls of the exhibition space, whose colours vary over time.

LED tubes, LED light projectors, programming system, gel filters