The Temple Hotel Beijing CHINA

2014, Light installation on the wall above the pool 

The wall yields to the tempo of the work; sometimes head on, sometimes vertical, constantly roaming over the space, the luminous flux moves, approaches, halts, disappears, and returns, seemingly from a further remove. Always present, but shifting constantly on its artistic journey.

The luminous work unfolds and evolves across time and space, tracing beams of light in ever increasing, multiple variations. Like a tide flowing over the edge of the wall, light subsumes the face of the structure. Intense rays of light seem to engulf the wall, setting it ablaze and projecting it back onto the ‘wall as screen’ in black and white, the fluid nature of the light making the space transparent. This luminosity, almost stretchy in nature, changes along the chromatic scale, creating a luminous, dissolving flux. A hypnotic effect is created in which a blurred landscape of light reveals itself through chromatic bands of equal scale, which ebb and flow at irregular intervals. These lines of perception flow in and out of each other, spreading and radiating.

Each moment creates the possibility of a new canvas of luminous awareness, a tiny gap in the flow of time, accentuating our hypnotic state.

Light-filled saturated rhythms create a sliding suspension of place.

Batten LED, perspex, programming

23 Shatan Beijie, Beijing

Photos : Laurent HOU