2010, Modern Art Gallery, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

This luminous artwork makes the paintings shimmer, transforming the museum into a place of experimentation and a medium for visual attraction.

The light marks out a space, and this interior space evokes the exterior; the artwork becomes a volume. The gallery, an interior space, is turned towards its own exteriority like a spatial paradox. A movement of space: the light installation and artwork opens the space out into a new space, that of the “electric landscape”. The inside space of the museum projects its own landscape.

The museum seems to become two spaces: a place for the presentation and exhibition of paintings, and an experimental place for the projected light that envelopes it.

The lighting system creates a sense of instability in the building, where the light phenomenon seems to become more intense in the centre. The appropriation of the museum by light transforms into an electric landscape.

Fluorescent tubes, gel filters